Paper Zini
A Web Based Application for Newspaper Distributors so that all news papers and magazines can be managed with their customers. Paper Zini comes up with the Supplier Management, distributor Management, Order booking from supplier and order booking to distributors, Payment executions and payment status along with alerts, multiple reports for both Supplier and distributors, regarding payments as well as order status. Settings are Control for News Paper, Routes, Paper distribution centers including backup and restore of db any time revert to old backup status. Paper Zini is very simple and strong application.

Noted Features:-

Web Based Application for Newspaper Distributors
Admin Panel To Manage Application
Multiple Users
Light weight and fast
Customer Details with History
Billing Module & Bill Reminder Module
Secure and Licensed
Reports on Customers, Papers, Routes, Payments, History etc.
Encrypted Password
Available in Java as well as PHP

SMS Applications
SMS Application is a Web Based SMS Sending Application which is integrated with SMS Gateway and SMS can be sent any time to any number. Very Easy, Contact Storage and Phonebook Features Makes SMS Application more powerful and effective. SMS text messaging is now a powerful distribution channel that you give the power to deliver your message directly into the hand of your related audience that creates new revenue generating opportunities. Our SMS Application is now a major revenue generator for wireless carrier. Our automated SMS Application system can link your existing order processing and website to deliver SMS alerts for deliveries, appointments, text voting, gaming and much more.

Why SMS is importance for business to communication:-

High Penetration
High Response
Immediacy And Choice Of Timing
Personal And Discrete
Message Reporting