Sinelogix provides 6 months free maintenance to their client. Once the website is completed and live, we provide training for the entire backend till client not understand or learn the functionality completely. Once the training is finished, we provide 6 months free maintenance as per the initial requirement. Our dedicated expert developer team provides online support daily. If there is any issue, client can send their email to

Sinelogix always believes on client satisfaction. For us, client is always on high priority. Once the website is done, we handover complete code and the backup of website. Sinelogix also share the admin panel details with the client for future purpose. Sinelogix provides option to their client for hiring full time developer as well as contract employee for their website maintenance.

Web Site Maintenance plans include:-

  • Testing the website entirely after any changes
  • Full Backup copy of your website
  • 16 hours online support
  • Content update, announcements, articles, etc.
  • Replace images i.e. Pictures & graphics
  • Adding/removing pages
  • Image manipulation and addition (client supplied images)
  • Product or service adding
  • Newsletter & email list maintenance

Take Website Maintenance Services Now To improve Your Website’s
Usability| Functionality| Trustability| Security:-

Web browsers are bombarded with millions of searches every second. Chances are your website may have lived traversed by thousands of people.

Suppose a user browsed through your website for the first time and caught some technical glitches. Now even if he/ she had a mood to buy your products or services, he/ she would change the decision or a fault on your website may avert him from proceeding further.

Now Suppose, if a single user may encounter similar kind of problem with your website, there could be hundreds of others passing the same fault.

Still, it can incur your business great loss, If you ’ll continue to lose users this way. Therefore, you should be ever ready with the nail and forks to dodge all the website maintenance issues that hinder users to utilize your products and services.

We at Sinelogix Technologies, are here to help you with your website maintenance work. Just remember, we’re there when you need us.